Recent Projects



Client: American Trash Management, San Francisco, CA


American Trash Management's mission is to reduce the costs, problems and environmental impact of waste and recyclable materials for businesses and institutions.We developed and maintain ATM's SmartTrash Data Center which is at the heart of their SmartTrash service offering. Written in Servoy, it gathers telemetry data from a worldwide network of equipment-monitoring devices connected to industrial trash-related equipment (compactors, bailers, scales, chutes, RFID scanners, etc). This data is gathered via a two-way inter-machine communications protocol using UDP packets over a wireless IP network. The SmartTrash server processes the data in real-time and presents it to managers and customers in the SmartTrash client which runs on a variety of devices, using both the Java smart-client and the web client.  The server itself also analyzes the data and automatically performs certain tasks such as issuing a Haul Order when it detects that a trash container is full, or closing out a Haul Order when it detects that a container was emptied.


Scott Brown of American Trash Management says "The system has helped us to grow SmartTrash™ from USA only customers to customers around the world. We are very pleased with their work." 


Watch a video describing the SmartTrash system and service


View a network diagram of the SmartTrash™ system    



User Access Control (UAC)


Client: American Trash Management, San Francisco, CA


UAC is an access control system written in Servoy. It controls access to trash chutes in 3 buildings currently under construction in Dubai. Building residents are assigned RFID cards which they must present to a scanner attached to the trash chute doors throughout the building in order to unlock the door. The UAC system controls which doors may be used by which residents. It also monitors the doors statuses for exceptional events such as door jams or forced entry. The system performs Inter-machine communications with the RFID scanners over a RS-485 serial network.    



FileMaker-to-Servoy Conversion


Client: A large reproductive medicine facility


Client provides reproductive medicine services to patients internationally. They were having difficulty with the performance and data integrity of their FileMaker systems. We converted two FileMaker systems to Servoy and MySQL and made enhancements as requested. These systems went into production in 2010 and 2011.